Friday, July 31, 2015

"Trust And Not Fear"

"What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee."  Psalm 56:3

When you look at the condition of the world around us-- wars and rumors of war, the insecurity of the financial systems, evil men making threats, and so on-- it is easy to allow yourself to become afraid.  Afraid of the unknown.  Afraid of uncertainties in life.  Afraid of evil reports.  Afraid of what the future may hold.  If you allow it, by dwelling on these things, fear will come in and try to overwhelm, defeat and consume you.

But we do not have to be afraid of evil tidings, ominous reports and uncertainties.  First, because God hasn't given us a spirit of fear.  Fear does not come from Him.  It is a weapon of the enemy that he uses against us.  What God has given us is power.  Power over all the powers of the enemy-- including fear.  He has given us love.  Perfect love casts out fear.  He has also given us a sound mind.  If we keep our minds on Him and His promises, fear will not have a place in our minds in order to torment us.  Instead our minds will be at peace.

"What time I am afraid".  There will, no doubt, be times when we will be tempted to be afraid.  But when we are, we can trust in the Lord.  We have an anchor of hope and peace in Him.  He will not leave us when fear comes.  He will empower us to overcome when it comes.  He will protect us when it comes.  He will make a way for us when fear comes. 

Are you battling fear today?  Is fear coming against you?  Are the things you are going through promoting fear in your life?  Take this verse to heart.  Apply it.  Turn to the Lord and trust in Him-- because you can trust Him.

Have a great day.  When you are afraid, trust in the Lord.  Your trust in the Lord is your greatest weapon to combat fear.

For further reading:
2 Timothy 1:7  

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