Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"Wise Counsel"

"Thy testimonies also are my delight and my counselors."  Psalm 119:24

We all need guidance from time to time.  None of us know it all.  None of us always know what to do all of the time.  We need someone to give us wise counsel and guidance.  Notice I said, "Wise".  Not all counsel is wise.  Not everyone who gives you counsel is wise.  But there is one place you can go to get wise and true counsel-- the Word of God.  

The Psalmist said that the testimonies of the Lord were not only his delight but his counselors.  He considered God's Word his counselors-- plural.  That meant he knew he could trust it in every area he needed guidance in.  Not just one area.  Not just pertaining to one particular subject.  Not just in limited form.  He knew that God's Word was the "expert" (that's an understatement) in every field of life.  

It was his counselor in business affairs.  It was his counselor in his relationships.  It was his counselor in his home life.  It was his counselor in religious matters.  It enlightened him in each and every need he had. 

God's Word has not changed.  It has not become outdated.  It is not irrelevant to today's society.  It is still accurate in its instructions and guidance.  It still gives wise and true counsel for us today.  Are you in need of guidance?  Do you need wisdom concerning a particular matter?  Do you need wise counsel?  Are you searching for a solution to a problem you are facing?  Then you can trust God's Word to give you the counsel that you need-- it will not lead you astray.

Have a great day.  God's Word is still the wisest counsel we have.     


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