Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Running From"

"...He maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust."  Matthew 5:45b

I have a small goldfish pond in my backyard.  There are only a few fish in it and occasionally I will see them swimming around close to the top.  Each time that I walk by they immediately dart toward the bottom of the pond.  Yesterday, as I walked past, I saw a goldfish and when he saw men, he dove toward the bottom.  I made the statement toward him-- I won't hurt you. I am the one who takes care of you.  At that moment the Lord spoke to my spirit that we do Him the same way.

You may not be living for the Lord.  You may not acknowledge Him.  You may not believe in Him.  But He is the One who is taking care of you.  He gives you air to breath.  He gives you daily provisions.  He woke you up.  He gives you those things you take for granted.   Yet in all His care of us, we still "run from Him".  When He convicts our hearts about getting right with Him, we run from Him as if that is a bad thing.  When He begins to speak to us about His will for our lives, we often run from Him.  When He is drawing us into a deeper relationship with Him, we run from that as well. 
We are like those fish, we spend more time "running from" the Lord, even though He is the One who is taking care of us, than we do "running to" Him-- unless, of course, we have some need.  Are you running from the One who is taking care of you?  Are you running from His love, His will, His salvation or His plan for your life?  Are you running toward Him?  Are you acknowledging that He is the One who cares about you? 
Have a great day.  Are you running from the Lord?  If so, why?  He is the One who is taking care of you.  He won't hurt you.   

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