Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Who Is He?"

"After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name."  Matthew 6:9

Many people talk about the Lord, they make reference to Him, they even pray to Him, and act as if they know who He is, but they really don't know who He is.  Jesus addressed the Lord God as the Holy Father who was in heaven.  He knew who He was and came to reveal Him to us. 

To some He is the "Big Guy in the sky".  To others He is a "Santa Claus" who is there for the purpose of fulfilling their every want.  Some call Him "just one of many objects of worship".  Some believe He is only "a concept, a philosophy, a religious icon, a fairy tale, a crutch for the weak minded".  Some see Him as a "grandfatherly figure".  Some call Him a "hard taskmaster who is always out to get them".  To other people He is a "warm and fuzzy feeling".  None of these are who the Lord God is.     

If we don't know Him correctly, we don't know Him.  If we don't know Him as Father, then we aren't His child.  If we don't know Him as Savior, then we aren't saved.  If we don't know Him as Holy, then we don't reverence Him.  If we don't know Him correctly, how can we have a correct relationship with Him?   We can't, because He is something else rather than who He really is, which makes Him false and the relationship false.

Jesus asked His disciples who did men say that He was?  Then He asked them who did they say He was?  When Peter answered that He was the Christ the Son of the Living God, Jesus commended him and went on to give him insight and revelation.  It is in knowing Who He really is that brings us into the proper relationship that we should have with Him.

Have a great day.  In order to really know the Lord God, you have to have a correct understanding of Who He is.  

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