Thursday, July 2, 2015

"Is It The Right Way?"

"There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."  Proverbs 16:25

There are many ways and many paths to take through life.  Some are good.  Some are not.  Some only appear to be good but the end result is otherwise.  For example, many people have wound up in a bad marriage because it looked and "felt" so right.  Many have come to financial ruin because the opportunity looked promising.  There are those who have left one path to follow another because the "grass looked greener" on the other side only to find out that it wasn't.  So, how do we know the difference?  How do we know the correct path to take?  How do we keep from going the wrong way?  Which is easy to do when it looks so right. 

There are several things we can do to make sure we take the right path through life.  The first is always to "seek the Lord".  I am not talking about seeking Him with a preconceived idea and having your mind already made up about what you want.  I am not talking about seeking Him in order to persuade Him that this is the right way for you to go.  I am talking about laying your agenda, your plans, your wants and your desires down and with an "empty" and "open" heart, sincerely seek to know HIS will and path.

Seek Him through His Word.  Does it line up with what the Word of God says?  Is it in agreement with the scriptures or in opposition?  The  Word of God is a lamp unto our feet and light unto our path to show us the way to go.  It is the truth and will never lead you astray.

Lastly, let the inward peace of the Holy Spirit be your guide.  If there is any doubt or question in your heart, if there is any confusion or something about it that doesn't seem exactly right... don't ignore it.  Don't go through with it any way.  Seek the Lord to find out why that "irritation" is in your heart.  If you ignore it too long, you will start a process of "searing your conscience" where you won't be able to discern that uneasiness that was there any more. 

Just because it looks right and seems right does not make it right.  This is why you must seek the Lord to know what truly is right.  When you do, then that is the path to take.  Otherwise, taking the wrong path will lead to "death" and destruction.  But God has provided a way for us so that we can take the path of "life" and "peace".

Have a great day.  Just because the path to take seems right, doesn't mean that it is.  There is a way to know if it is or not.

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