Friday, March 24, 2017

"The Enemy Of Distraction"

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."  Galatians 6:9

I have come to the opinion that distraction is one of the biggest weapons the enemy uses against us.  Think about it, how many times have you gone to prayer and your mind starts wondering with all sorts of thought?  Thoughts of what you are going to do today.  What you are going to eat for dinner.  An event that is coming up.  Thoughts about a regret from yesterday.  Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts going on in your mind and keeping you from getting into the heart of your prayer.

We have all experienced this-- and not just in our prayer time with the Lord but in almost every area of our lives.  I have a question for you.  When you are being distracted, especially in prayer, what do you do?  Do you give up and get up?  Do you throw up your hands and forget it?  Or do you keep trying to get a prayer out? 

When distractions come, see them for what they are-- strategic weapons of the enemy.  So what do you do when the enemy has a weapon that he is fighting you with?  You fight back.  How do we fight the weapon of distraction?  With perseverance.  You don't give up.  You don't quit.  You stay in the battle and fight.  You continue capturing every thought.  You think about the Word of God.  You pray out loud.  You stay there, pressing on, until you breakthrough and your prayer is unhindered by the distracting thoughts.  This is where the problem lies, most aren't willing to keep pressing and fighting until the distraction is gone.  They give up because they are not determined.  They fall short. 

You have to set your mind to be determined that you will not leave your place of prayer until you have prayed.  Stand your ground-- persevere.  You will prevail if you do.  

Have a great day.  Don't let the enemy of distraction prevail.  Persevere and win. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

"Seasons Remove And Add"

"And the Lord said unto Samuel, How long wilt thou mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel? fill thine horn with oil, and go, I will send thee to Jesse the Bethlehemite: for I have provided me a king among his sons."  1 Samuel 16:1

Yesterday we talked about how seasons repeat themselves.  Today I want to talk about seasons again.  With each new season there are some things that are removed and some things that are added.  When winter season is gone, something is removed-- the heavy clothing is put away, the ashes in the fireplace are taken out, the soup pot is put back in the cabinet, snow is gone, cold nights leave, the blankets are stored away.  When spring arrives, the trees begin to bud, the flowers start blooming, the grass needs to be mowed, the birds are singing.  These are all results of a season change.

When the seasons in our lives change, along with them come the removal of some things and the adding of others.  When this happens, you have to make a choice as to how you will respond to the changes.  You can bemoan, get angry, get bitter, become depressed, etc., over what is being removed.  Or you can look at it as a good thing and see the beauty that is in it-- the new thing.

It is just like the change from winter to spring.  Are you going to be upset about the winter leaving?  Or are you going to be excited about the flowers and beauty that is budding around you? It is the same thing when one spiritual season ends and a new one begins.  What will you choose to do?  How will you respond to it?  With regret and remorse?  Or with anticipation and excitement of the beautiful thing that the Lord is going to work out through it?

Have a great day.  When one season ends, something is removed.  When a new season begins, something is added. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"Seasons Repeat Themselves"

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven".  Ecclesiastes 3:1

Early this morning, as I was waking up, I heard the words-- "seasons repeat themselves".  A couple of days ago we said goodbye to winter and hello to spring.  This happened last year also, and the year before that and the year before that, and every other year in the past. 

Every year we repeat a four season cycle-- spring, summer, fall and winter.  Each season has its own characteristics.  Winter is cold and dreary-- everything looks dead.  Spring is full of new growth in the plant kingdom.  Summer is hot.  Fall the leaves change color and begin to fall from the trees.  This year, at least for us living in the South, the seasons have not been so distinguishable.  Mild winter, summer like temperatures, flowering plants and trees, strong winds, etc. 

We go through spiritual seasons in our lives just like the earth goes through physical seasons. When I heard the words-- "seasons repeat themselves"-- I believe that the Lord is wanting to make you aware of a few things.   
1)  Seasons repeat themselves in our lives.  That is why the situation that you are going through looks familiar-- you have gone through it before.  You have been wondering, "why is this happening again?".  "What is going on?".  "I thought I got past this?". 
2)  Seasons are not always distinguishable.  What you are going through doesn't look like it fits/belongs with everything else that is happening in your life.  It is out of place, so you don't realize that it is a season that you are going through
3)  Seasons are times of- and for- change. 
4)  If you are going through a repeat season, there is something the Lord is wanting to show you.  There is something He wants you to see.  There is something He wants to bring into your life.  There is something He is wanting to remove from your life.  There is something He is wanting to impart to you.  There is something He is wanting to clean out of you.  There is something He is wanting to heal in you.  There is a reason for the season.  So don't be discouraged.   

Have a great day.  Seasons often repeat themselves-- but there is a reason that it is. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Out Of Balance"

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."  Matthew 6:33

Do you ever wonder why you can't "get it together"?  Why things just aren't "lining up"?  Why you feel like you are "spinning your wheels"?  You can't seem to get anything accomplished?  Perhaps it is because you are "out of balance". 

What does it mean to be "out of balance"?  Our lives consist of the spiritual and the physical.  It is easy to get out of balance if we are leaning and walking too much in the physical-- or flesh.  Giving attention to our spiritual life gives us balance in our physical life.  On the other hand, if we neglect our spiritual life-- prayer, the reading of God's Word, fellowship and communion with Him-- it will cause our physical lives to be one sided, non-productive, in a state of confusion, walking in chaos, never going any where and so on. 

Giving our spiritual lives the proper attention (seek ye first) they need causes everything else to "fall into place".  It causes all these things to be added to us-- time, energy, creativity, wisdom, talent, ability, motivation, understanding, strength, etc.-- all the things we need to be productive in the natural realm.   

The result of being out of balance causes you to lean more one way than another.  If you lean too far in one direction you are off balance and can "fall over".  We have to be balanced in both the spiritual and the physical.  But you cannot be balanced in the physical without putting the spiritual first. 

Have a great day.  Is your life out of balance?  Check and see if you are giving attention to, or neglecting, your spiritual life.  

Monday, March 20, 2017


"So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth."  Revelation 3:16
I was talking to a man the other day and asked him about his salvation.  He assured me that he was saved.  But the more we talked I discovered that he doesn't go to church, he doesn't take his children to church, he was cursing in my presence and he had some strange beliefs about Jesus and salvation.  Was he truly a Christian?  I cannot judge.  Perhaps he just needed some discipleship?  But if he was he definitely sounded "halfhearted" about his relationship with Jesus.   
There are many who profess to be a Christian but are "halfhearted" about it.  The dictionary defines halfhearted as:  without enthusiasm or energy.  Can you be a Christian and be halfhearted?  Being halfhearted is a dangerous place to be.  First, the Bible says we are to love the Lord our God with all our heart-- not some of our heart, not part of our heart, not even 99% of our heart.  Secondly, even the dictionary uses the synonym "lukewarm" for halfhearted.  The Bible tells us that if we are lukewarm the Lord will "spew/vomit" us out of His mouth. 
Where are you today?  Are you truly a Christian and are living wholehearted for the Lord?  Are you a person who just professes to be one but you have no relationship with Jesus Christ?  Or are you a Christian who is living in a halfhearted/lukewarm relationship with Jesus?  Halfhearted will never do.  You can't have a halfhearted relationship with the Lord and still have a relationship with Him.  It has to be all your heart or none of your heart.  Which will it be?

Have a great day.  Are you living a halfhearted Christian life?