Monday, August 3, 2015

"God's Unchanging Mindset"

"Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever."  Hebrews 13:8

If you go back and look at past years, decades, centuries and millenniums, you will discover that things have changed from one time period to the next-- even drastically.

Nations that were once "ruled the world" are no longer powerful.  Rulers have come and gone.  Customs have changed.  Clothing styles and hairstyles have changed.  The way we perform certain tasks have changed due to the invention of modern equipment. 

Mindsets have changed.  Some for the better.  Some for the worse.  They have changed in the world and in the church.  But as you go back through time there is one thing that you will discover that has not changed-- God has not changed.  He still has the same mindset that He had in the beginning. 

People may change their mind based on social acceptance, on tradition, on the customs of the day, on popular opinion, on hope of gain, out of fear, for the sake of peace, in order to be politically correct, or any number of other reasons. 

We don't have to worry or wonder about the Lord when it comes to changing His mindset.  He doesn't care if His "mindset" is politically correct or if it is popular.  He doesn't care if the masses agree with it or not.  He doesn't care if it is considered old fashioned, out dated and out of touch.

What He once called sin, is still sin.  What He once said was an abomination is still an abomination.  When He said that the way to eternal life is through faith in His Son Jesus, He still says it is.  He hasn't changed His mind.  Just because society has changed the way it looks at things, and just because the church has changed its views on certain matters, and just because people's opinions say the opposite, doesn't mean that God has.  He still sees it the same way.

Instead of trying to get God to change His mind, instead of working against what He says, we need to ask Him to change our minds and cause them to line up with His mindset. 

Have a great day.  In this ever changing world, there is a comfort and stability that comes from knowing that the Lord never changes.  His mind is made up.

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