Friday, August 21, 2015

"Offended For God"

"Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!"  Luke 17:1

Have you noticed that the whole world seems to be offended over something?  A few days ago I was praying and the Lord showed me that a spirit of offense has been released on this nation.  A couple of hours later at church one of the ladies there said the same thing-- there is an evil spirit of offense that has been released.

People are offended if you don't accept their lifestyle and bake them a wedding cake- they will threaten to sue you over it.  They are offended over something that was done to their ancestors over a hundred years ago and are trying to punish another generation for it.  They are offended over a flag and want it removed from society.  They are offended over certain terminology and want you to use their terminology.  They are offended because you are against the murder of babies while they are still in the womb.  They are offended if you drive a newer automobile than they do.  They are offended if you don't give them everything they want for free.  They are offended because you don't place more value on the life of an animal than you do on the life of a human.  They are offended if you don't agree with them and see eye to eye with them on all issues.  They are offended if you question them about anything.

People are taking personal offense over worldly issues and matters, but why aren't we taking offense to the things that offend God?  Why doesn't it offend us when someone uses His name in vain?  Why doesn't sin offend us?  Why doesn't false teaching and preaching offend us?  Why doesn't sexual immorality offend us?  Why aren't we offended when God is mocked?  Why aren't we offended when He is being removed from society? 

Everybody likes to get on the "band wagon" of "causes".  There are many causes that are admirable.  There are many that need attention and support.  There are many that are worth standing up for.  But, church, our first priority is to stand for that which God stands for.  The cause of Christ is what we must take up and be busy doing.  That cause is to reach this lost world with the message of hope and salvation that comes through Jesus Christ.

Have a great day.  Offenses are everywhere.  If you are going to be offended, be offended for the things that really count-- like those things that offend God.   

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