Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Lay It All Down"

"Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." 1 Peter 5:7

This morning I awoke with one line of a chorus repeating over and over in my thoughts-- "Lay it all down, lay it all down, lay it all down, at Your feet." I know this is a word for us today. What burden are you carrying? What load are you trying to bear? What are you worrying about? What are you fretting yourself over? What do you repeatedly give to God then take the concern of it back on your shoulders?

Whatever it is, it's time for you to "lay it down". You have carried it long enough. Has your carrying it solved it yet? Has your carrying it made it any lighter? Has your carrying it brought the answer? Has your carrying it changed it at all? I know, sometimes it's easier said than done. Sometimes we feel such an "attachment" to that thing because we have carried it for so long that we don't know how we'll function without it-- it has become a "crutch" of sorts. Sometimes we don't lay it down because we are afraid to. Sometimes we say we want to lay it down but we don't really want to. Sometimes we hold on to it because it gives us control in someone else's life. Sometimes it's because we don't have the faith we need to have to let it go. Sometimes it's because we don't think that it is something that the Lord's wants us to give to Him. Then sometimes we just don't know how to lay it down. Whatever the reason is, again, it's time to lay it down. It's time to get release and freedom from that thing. It is a hindrance to you. It weighs you down. It stops you from going forward. It keeps you in the same spot or always looking back. At times it even comes between you and the Lord.

Lay it down. If you don't know how, if you are too weak to do it, if you have tried without success, I want to tell you this morning that the Lord says His grace is sufficient and His strength is made perfect in your weakness. If you will make the step toward laying it down (giving it to Him), totally surrendering that thing... He will meet you with whatever you need to enable you to lay it down, and He'll take that thing and He'll make an exchange... His yoke that is easy and His burden that is light for your heavy one.

Have a great day. "I lay it all down, at Your feet".

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