Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Flow Of Feelings"

"...the just shall live by his faith." Habakkuk 2:4b

How are you feeling today? Are you going to let your feelings dictate your day? If you are feeling pretty good that's one thing, but if you aren't that's another. When we aren't feeling "good", we have a tendency to get in the "flow" of our feelings. It's like a person in a boat letting the current take them in the direction that it is going. Our feelings are like the current.

If I get in the "flow" of my feelings this is what will happen: If I am feeling depressed, my feelings will take me back to bed to pull the covers over my head. If I am feeling like things are hopeless, I will despair of living. If I am feeling alone, I will become withdrawn. If I am feeling confused, I will throw my hands up or go aimlessly in circles. If I am feeling defeated, I'll stop trying and give up. Getting in the current's flow of your feelings is a dangerous thing-- at the end of the stream there is a waterfall and your "boat" is heading for it.

God gave us human beings emotions and feelings but never for them to be the leader of our lives. Our feelings are fickle, they are ever changing, they are deceptive, they are not a true indication of the way things are, they will hold you in bondage. God also gave us His word. That's what He intended to be the "current" to take us through life. We live by faith- by the promises of God- not by our feelings. God's word never changes, it is a constant, it is stable. It gives hope, peace, joy and strength. So don't go with the flow of your feelings, they lead to defeat and destruction. Go with the flow of God's word, it leads to victory and life.

Have a great day. Which current are you flowing with? Feelings or faith?

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