Thursday, March 26, 2009

"He Sees In Darkness"

"Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee." Psalm 139:12

As I was praying about what the Lord desires to say to us this morning through the devotional, Psalm 139 came to mind. Then He said to tell you that it doesn't matter where you are, He still sees you.

You may be on the mountain top this morning without a care in the world. Things may be going great in your life. You may have plenty to eat, a place to lay your head and call home, you may have all your family around you, you may have all your bills paid and money in your pocket. As a result, you have the confidence and assurance that God is watching over you because of these blessings that are in your life.

But on the other hand, you may be in a valley this morning, you may be sitting in a place of darkness. There may be sickness in your body, pain filling every joint. You may be wondering where your next meal is coming from. You may be on your way to work knowing that this will be your last week there. You may be sitting at the bed side of a loved one who is taking their last breaths. As a result, of this dark valley you might be wondering, "Where is God?". His answer to you is: I am here! I see you when you stand up, sit down and lay down. I see you when the darkness looms, when the shadows come, when the trials rest like thick black clouds around you. You are not hid from My sight. The darkness cannot hide you. I see you!

Be comforted this morning by the fact that God sees you no matter where you are and what you are going through. Take a few moments and read all of Psalms 139. There is no place (no matter how dark the trial or how deep the pit) where you are hid from His sight.

Have a great day. Even when it is so dark that you can't see anything but the darkness.... He still sees you.

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