Monday, June 29, 2015

"Victory Over The Enemy"

"They compassed me about; yea, they compassed me about: but in the name of the Lord I will destroy them."  Psalm 118:11

In context the Psalmist was talking about the many nations that surrounded them and were trying to destroy them.  These enemies were physical in nature.  We too have many enemies, but they are not always physical.  Our enemies are those things that would seek to "steal, kill and destroy" us.

Some of those enemies include besetting sins, unbridled passions, uncontrolled emotions, the lust of our flesh, the pride of life and the lust of our eyes.  Vanity, pride, arrogance, selfishness, bitterness, anger, addictions (alcohol, drugs, pornography, sex), greed and lying are among a few of them. 

When doing battle against his enemies (the nations), the Psalmist called upon the Lord.  He sought His help.  He sought His direction.  He sought His strength and wisdom.  He knew they were stronger than he was.  He knew they were more in number.  He knew they were mightier.  But he also knew they were no match for his God. 

The enemies that you fight-- the ones that war against your flesh to destroy your soul-- are mightier than you are.  But remember they are not mightier than your God.  The Psalmist declared that "in the name of the Lord I will destroy them."  He didn't declare that he would do it in his own name or ability.  You have tried and tried many times to destroy these enemies without success.  But if you will call upon the name of the Lord, if you will put your faith in His name and power each time one comes to "attack", you will overcome and be victorious and win the battle against them.

Have a great day.  The victory over your enemies is in the name of the Lord.     

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