Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"Jealous Love"

"For thou shalt worship no other god: for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God."  Exodus 34:14

We read the scriptures, like the one above, and we sing the songs that tell us that our God is a jealous God.  This jealousy is not an "evil" emotion that God possesses.  He is jealous over us with a holy jealousy.  A jealousy that is rooted in His deep love for us.  He loves us so deeply, so dearly that He doesn't want to share us with someone else.  That is understandable.  I love my husband so much that I don't want to share him, or his affections, with some other woman.  His love for us is a jealous love because He knows that if we do go after some other "lover" we will wind up hurt, deceived, abused and broken.  This is what happened in the Book of Hosea.  The prophet's wife, Gomer, went after other lovers and wound up on the auction block to be sold as a slave.  God loves us so much that He doesn't want to see that happen to us.

There is no doubt that He is jealous for us.  But the question I want to ask this morning is, "Are you jealous for Him?"  Does your heart burn with love and desire for Him?  Does it hurt you, does it grieve you, does it sadden your heart when He is not honored?  When He is misrepresented?  When others are stealing His glory for themselves?  When He is blasphemed?  When He is made the blunt of a joke or becomes a by-word?  Are you jealous for Him when He is ridiculed and mocked?  When He is denied? 

If we aren't hurt when He is made fun of, if we aren't saddened when He is cursed, if we aren't grieved when He is rejected, then just how jealous are we for Him?  Still yet, just how much do we love Him if our jealousy is based in proportion to our love for Him.  His jealousy was exhibited in proportion to how much He loved us through His demonstration of that love which He showed at the cross when He gave as a ransom for our sins His One and Only Son.  He did this because He loved us so much that He didn't want to share us with any other "lover" (sin and its acts) because they would all destroy us and lead us to death.   

Have a great day.  Are you jealous for God?

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