Monday, June 15, 2015

"The Real Author"

"The Lord gave the word..." Psalm 68:11a

There are a lot of people out there "giving words".  There are a lot of people saying this or that.  Sometimes we are bombarded with so many voices, so many words, so many teachings, so many prophecies, that it is hard to know what to believe and what not to believe; what to listen to and what not to listen to; what to receive and what to cast away.  How do we know what is correct and what isn't?  How do we know what we should give attention to, pay attention to, give heed to and what we shouldn't?

Our answer is "in the Book".  God's word already tells us what is and isn't truth.  The Bible does not just tell us the truth, but it is Truth.  There is nothing about it that is false.  There is nothing about it that is in error.  There is nothing about it that will lead you in the wrong direction or astray. 

"But it was written by imperfect men", you may say.  Yes, the Lord used the hands of men to pin it, but they did not author it.  The Holy Spirit was the author and finisher of it.  He dictated it and they wrote what He said.  I once worked as a secretary for an attorney and each morning he would call me in and dictate a letter to me.  I wrote exactly what he had dictated.  I didn't change his words.  I didn't edit it to make it mean what I wanted it to.  He made sure of that.  After he dictated it, I had to read it back to him.  After I typed the letter up, I had to give it to him to read and sign.  He didn't let it go out of the office without "proofing" it himself. 

If this man would make sure his words were properly written, if he would double check to make sure I had gotten it right, if he rechecked it to be certain it was exactly as he had intended, do you think the Holy Spirit (the God of the universe) would not make sure His word was not twisted or added to or taken away from by the ones He had entrusted to dictate it to?  He made sure.  This is why we can trust Him to watch over His word to perform it in our lives-- because He made sure it was truly His word, therefore, He has no problem backing it up and bringing it to pass.

Have a great day.  The Holy Spirit is the author of the scriptures, therefore, they can be trusted as the truth.

For further reading:
2 Peter 1:21
2 Timothy 3:16

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