Thursday, June 18, 2015

"It Is Real Love"

"For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth."  Hebrews 12:6

Jesus said that by our love others would know that we are His disciples.  So love is the greatest sign. Why?  Because God is love.  It is who He is.  When He is living in us, His love should be evident, and reflected, through us. 

Sadly, some who profess to be Christians don't walk in love at all.  They are very condemning, accusing, mean tempered, and hateful.  (This is a definite sign that they are not who they profess to be.)

Then there are true followers of Jesus who are walking in love but are accused of the same things that were just listed.  Why is this?  To find out we need to first ask the question, "What is love?".

When the accusations come that we are not showing love, it is because there is a misconception of what real love is.  Love is not a warm fuzzy feeling we have.  It is not "goose bumps".  It is not an overwhelming emotion that we feel under certain conditions.  Love is not passive.  It doesn't just sit back idly by and not speak up or do something when the situation arises.  Neither does it always agree with everything or accept everything. 

It is because we are actually showing love that causes us to be accused otherwise.  Love speaks up when something is wrong.  Love tells the truth.  Love is intolerant of sin and unaccepting of anything that can destroy a person.  Jesus loved the Pharisees, yet He told them the truth about their condition.  He called them hypocrites, vipers, whitewashed graves.  Jesus loved the moneychangers but He drove them out of the temple with a whip.  Jesus loved the woman caught in the act of adultery, but He told her to stop sinning.  Jesus loved Peter but He rebuked him for not using His faith.  Jesus loved the woman at the well, but didn't let her hide her past in order that He might give her a future. 

How many of you have children in your life?  When that child is playing in the street, do you warn them of the danger?  Do you correct them?  If you do, are you being mean and hateful because you won't let them do what they want to do?  What about if they are about to touch something hot?  Do you stop them?  Do you explain what the consequences will be if they touch it?  Or if you do, are you being intolerant of their right to touch it?  Why have you warned them?  Why have you stopped them?  Why have you pointed out the truth?  Why have you corrected them?  It is not because you are being mean and hateful, or judgmental and accusing, but because you love them and are showing them love.     

Have a great day.  When we are accused of not showing love, it usually is because we are actually showing love by stepping into the situation and pointing out the wrong.      

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