Monday, June 8, 2015

"I Won't If"

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?"  Jeremiah 17:9

How many times have you given into some besetting sin or habit that you know you should not be doing?  It may not be some "big" thing but it still makes you feel bad and brings guilt along with it.  Each time you did it you have repented and asked God for forgiveness.  Each time you have told Him, and yourself, that you will never do it again.  But you do it again anyway. 

When this happens and we are confessing it to the Lord, we can't make the statement to Him that we will never do it again.  As much as we may not want to do it, as much as we plan on not doing it again, as much as we may even be sincere in our desire and statement not to do it, we can't say it with total honesty because of our own hearts. 

We may believe we won't do it again because of shear will power and determination not to, but the fact is that our hearts are desperately wicked.  They will deceive us.  They will make us think that we won't but yet we will. 

The only true profession that we can make about this has to include an "if". 

I won't do it again if, I seek first the Kingdom of God.
I won't do it again if, I stay in constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit.
I won't do it again if, I continue to follow the Lord in each thing I do, each thought, each action.
I won't do it again if, I submit myself continually to Jesus' Lordship over my life.
I won't do it again if, I will be led by the Holy Spirit.
I won't do it again if, I keep my mind renewed with God's Word.
I won't do it again if, I humble myself before the mighty hand of God.
I won't do it again if, I remain in the position of a living sacrifice.
I won't do it again if, I will listen to and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit.
I won't do it again if, I will rest upon His strength and power.

Because of my desperately wicked heart, which is out to destroy me, I can't keep such a vow, no matter how much I desire to, in and of myself.  I have to have the Lord's help.  I have to walk in His grace, strength and power.  It is as I truly realize that I can do all things through Christ and invoke His help that then my vow and desire not to do certain things is fulfilled. 

Have a great day.  I may say I won't do it again, but that is only if I stay close to the Lord and follow Him.   
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