Friday, June 5, 2015

"It Is Just A Thing"

"Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you."  1 Peter 5:17

 My dad has this saying that he uses when things go wrong, when something breaks down, when something tears up, or a situation arises and something needs to be repaired.  The saying-- "It is just a thing."

When a situation like I have described arises, my dad is responsible and takes care of the problem by fixing what he can, but does it with the attitude of "it is just a thing".  Meaning that problems in life happen.  Meaning that you shouldn't be so consumed with the problem.  Meaning that it will be all right, don't worry so much about it.

There are many things and problems that arise in our life that we need to basically have this same attitude about--"it is just a thing".  We need to treat those things which are "minor" as "just a thing".  We don't need to turn a "mole hill into a mountain".  We need to stop letting that "thing" cause us so much grief, worry and frustration.  We need to stop letting it steal our joy and rob us of our peace.  We need to stop letting it have so much power over us-- over our attitude, over our emotions, etc.  After all, it is just a thing.  It is a temporary thing that won't last forever.  It is a thing that is subject to failure.  It may even breakdown again, or many times.  It is subject to change. 

You and I need to treat more things in life like they are "just a thing".  You are worrying over something you have no control over.  You are upset with something you can't prevent from happening.  All your worrying and fretting isn't going to change it. You are striving over something that will work itself out eventually anyway.  Loosen up.  Learn to cast your care upon the Lord.  Ask Him to help you to look at things from a proper perspective.  Ask Him to help you see what really is major and merits your attention, and what is "just a thing".

Have a great day.  Stopping worrying over something that is "just a thing".

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