Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"Keep Your Bags Packed"

"Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh".

We are looking for the Lord's return.  By the signs of the time it won't be long.  But also because He hasn't return yet many are getting careless and have stopped planning for and watching for His return.  They are busy with the cares of this life.  They are consumed with the pleasures of this world.  They are taking care of the flesh and natural man and are neglecting the spiritual one.  They have stopped looking for Him to come because they have heard so much that says it will be soon but don't see the evidence of it.  They protest that they have heard it for so long but it has not happened so why believe and watch for it.  According to the Bible, this is another sign that His return is soon to come. (2 Peter 3:4)

The key to this verse is "be ready".  It doesn't say to get ready then forget about it.  It doesn't say to only think about getting ready.  Since we don't know when His return will be, we are to get ready and stay ready.  In times past when a woman was pregnant you never heard much about their labor being induced.  We all just went to have the baby when the pains hit us and the baby was ready to come on its own.  Therefore, the closer it got to our due date we would make preparation and have our "hospital/baby" bag packed and ready to go.  Once we packed it, we didn't unpack it.  It stayed packed and ready to go with us at all times because we had no idea when it might be time to go to the hospital.  That time could come during the day or the middle of the night.  It didn't matter, that bag stayed packed and in an easy accessible place. 

In this same way, we have to make sure our "bags" are packed and we are ready to go regardless of when the time of Christ's return takes place.  If we are ready, we have nothing to worry about.  If we are watching, if we are looking, if we are living in expectation of His return, we have nothing to worry about, we will be prepared for that time regardless of when it comes. 

Are you "packed and ready" to go when He returns?  Were you "packed" but have unpacked a few things?  Have you stopped watching and waiting for His return?  Have you neglected the fact that He will return again--- it could be today?  Are you ready?  And are you staying ready?  If not, get ready and don't let anything hinder you from staying ready.... for in the time when you think not, He will return.  Let Him find you ready.

Have a great day.  Are your "bags packed" and ready to go should the Lord return today?

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