Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Imprisoned Heart"

"Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life"  Proverbs 4:23
A couple of days ago we talked about having a united heart-- undivided to fear the Lord.  This morning I feel impressed to talk about our hearts again. 
There are so many things that vie for our hearts.  Fleshly desires want to captivate them.  Some people want to steal them.  Mammon wants our hearts.  The devil wants to destroy our hearts.  So, we not only have to protect them from those things that would try to take them away from us, but we have to be on guard for those things that would want to hold them captive and make our hearts its prisoner.

Some of the things we have to be on guard for that want to take our hearts prisoner and hold them hostage are:  bitterness, unforgiveness, self-pity, anger, resentment, condemnation, false religion, guilt, jealousy, hate, envy, malice, etc. (plus many more I haven't named).

If these aren't dealt with they will hold your heart in a prison as long as you allow them to.  They will not only hold it prisoner, but turn it into something that it wasn't intended to be and unrecognizable-- stone. 

There is only one sure way to keep your heart.  Give up claim to it.  Turn it over to the Lord and let Him take full possession of it.  Does this mean that these things won't come again to try to reclaim it?  No, but it is much easier to keep from giving in when you realize it doesn't belong to you any more.  So when these things come to take your heart prisoner again, simply put out a sign that says, "This heart does not belong to me any more.  You will have to go to the owner-- Jesus".

Have a great day.  There are so many things that want to destroy, posses and imprison our hearts.  But when we give up ownership of them, they can't. 
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