Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"Let Go Of Their Mistakes"

"And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise."  Luke 6:31

We all have made mistakes.  No one is perfect-- although we would like to think we are.  We have all said and done the wrong thing at some point in time.  We have all done things we wish we could change.  We have done what we thought was right at the moment then realize later it wasn't.  We have all said things that we have regretted and wished we could take our words back.  We have all thought that what we were doing was the best way only to find out it wasn't.

Having clarified that-- that none of us are perfect and we have all made mistakes-- we need to stop holding other people's mistakes over them.  We need to stop reminding them of all the things they have done wrong.  We need to stop "throwing" it up to them every chance we get.  We need to stop making them feel guilty and condemned about it.  We need to set people free from their mistakes instead of keeping them chained to them. 

How do we want others to treat us?  Do we want to be constantly reminded of our failures?  Do we want to be reminded of all the mistakes we have made?  Do we want to keep "paying" for them for the rest of our lives?  Do we want to continually be put under grief and remorse for something we did or didn't do intentionally, and cannot change now? 

I know I have made lots of mistakes.  You have too-- especially if you have ever raised children, been married, worked in the public, went to school, or are simply alive and breathing.  But I don't want to have to suffer or be made a prisoner of those mistakes for ever especially since I can't do anything now about it.  Those of you who are constantly criticizing others for the mistakes they have made, you don't want to have to suffer for the mistakes you have made either.  None of us do.  So stop doing it and treat others with all their mistakes the same way you want them to treat you and your mistakes.  Do unto others the way you would have others do unto you.

Have a great day.  Stop holding other people's mistakes over them.  You don't want them holding yours over you.   

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