Friday, December 11, 2015

"Control Them"

"And let the peace of God rule in your hearts...".  Colossians 3:15a

We were created with a body, a soul and a spirit.  Included in the way we were created are emotions.  Sometimes those emotions are in check.  Sometimes things happen and cause our emotions to "run wild".  Sometimes the enemy of our soul attacks us in our emotions.  Emotions are not bad, they are part of our God-given makeup.  They are a good thing, when they are ruled by us.  They become a problem when we are ruled by them.

When our emotions are "running wild" and "dictating" us, God has provided a way to bring them under "control" so we can master them instead of them mastering us.  That way is God Himself.  At salvation He imparts Himself into us.  He lives and dwells within us now.  So we must constantly remind ourselves of this truth. 

Take for instance, when fear tries to dominate us, we must capture it and we must take control over that fear by reminding it (and ourselves) that the Prince of Peace is in us-- therefore, I will not fear.  When confusion tries to take control, again, the One who is peace lives in us and confusion can't rule.  No matter what emotion is trying to rule your life, the Lord in you is greater and will give you the victory over it.  He has already won the victory.  When anxiety tries to rule, He is your peace of mind.  When anger tries to take hold, He is your peace of heart.  When distress tries to take control, He is still your peace.  When grief, when depression, when sadness, self-pity or envy want to take over, Jesus is your peace.  Draw from His peace.  Draw from His strength.  Draw from His power that is alive and well in you and overcome.

Have a great day.  Our emotions try to overcome and master us.  But the Lord in us gives us the power to overcome and master them.     

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