Monday, April 20, 2015

"Believe, He Is Freeing You"

"And Moses spake so unto the children of Israel: but they hearkened not unto Moses for anguish of spirit, and for cruel bondage."  Exodus 6:9

The Lord God told Moses to tell His people that He was bringing them out from under Egyptian bondage, redeeming them with a stretched out arm and with great judgments.  He told Moses to tell them that He was going to make them His people and be their God.  And He was going to deliver them out of the land of Egypt and bring them into their own land which He had sworn to give to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and give it to them for a heritage.  What great news!  Any slave would want to hear this, especially when they had prayed for it.  But the verse above tells us that this was not their reaction. 

Instead of rejoicing over this message from the Lord that their prayers were answered, instead of "packing their bags", instead of receiving the message, they did not hear/listen/receive it.  Why?  It was because of the anguish of their spirit and cruel bondage. 

They had been born into this cruel slavery.  This was all they had known.  They had prayed all their lives for deliverance and nothing had ever happened.  They felt that God had abandoned them.  They were so beaten down that they could not even receive the answer to their prayers when it was being presented to them.  They weren't willing to be patient and receive it the way God was going to bring it to them.  They were tired of the hard work, the beatings, the cruel treatment, and being treated like animals. 

Have you ever gone through something so difficult that it doesn't look like there is any hope of ever getting out?  Have you lived in a situation for so long that you have resigned yourself to the fact that it will always be like this?  Have you been so badly treated by someone, or the situation, that you have lost heart?  Has it been so bad that you can't even believe that things will ever be any different?  Have you desired for change but see it as impossible?  Are you in such anguish over the situation that you don't believe that God can or will come to your aid?

Just as He did for Israel in bondage, He will do for you.  I believe that God is getting ready to turn someone's situation.  It has been more than you can bear at times.  It has kept you a prisoner.  It has made you feel so defeated.  It has controlled your life, and you have wondered if it will ever change, does God really care, will He ever come through for me?  I have good news this morning.  He is getting ready to do it.  Only don't be like the Israelites... hear what the Lord is saying.  Don't let your circumstance rob you of the promise that God is giving you.  He has heard your cry, just don't let what you have gone through cause you not to believe.

Have a great day.  Has your situation so beaten you down that you can't believe that God wants to set you free?

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