Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Scattered Paper"

"From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I." Psalm 61:2

A friend and I were praying recently for a mutual friend of ours who was going through a very difficult time. They were being pressed on every side. Their job was getting overwhelming. They were under a heavy burden and lots of pressure. In short, they were being bombarded in every area with chaos and confusion. As my friend and I were praying, I saw a picture in my mind. I feel the need to share it with you this morning.

I saw a floor that was covered with paper. It looked as if someone had taken a stack of copy paper and tossed it up in the air and it all fell scattered on the floor. I knew these scattered papers represented all the chaos that our friend was going through. Each piece was symbolic of an area of their life- family, job, demands, health, etc. It was just a mess of paper all over the floor. But then I saw something else. I saw the loving hand of our Heavenly Father reach down and begin to pick up each piece of paper and put them in a nice neat stack. As He did I saw Him begin to reorganize them. He would pick up one and put it in the stack, then He would pick up another one and throw it out because it was unnecessary and not important. Pretty soon the floor was cleared and there was a small neat stack of organized, prioritized papers.

Do you feel as if your life is a bunch of scattered papers on the floor? Does it feel like there is no order to your life, only chaos? Does it look hopeless as you look at the mess of papers laying on the floor? Are there things in your life that need to be discarded but you can't seem to decide exactly which ones? If this represents your life, then there is hope. What I saw was not for our friend only, but for all of us whose lives feel the same way. The focus of what I saw was not the scattered, disorganized paper all over the floor, the focus was the hand of God reaching into the mess and bringing peace, order, clarity and help.

You may be having a hard time with what is happening in your life- not knowing what to keep and what to discard, how to organize it, how to clean it up, how to have some peace through it- but the Lord doesn't have a hard time with it. He knows what to do with what is "scattered on the floor" and how to clean it up. Look to Him this morning and ask Him to help get your life back in order.

Have a great day. Your life may feel like a stack of scattered paper on the floor, but the Lord wants to help you pick them up.

For further reading:
Psalm 121:1
Mark 4:39
Matthew 6:33

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