Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Our Conversation"

"For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ." Philippians 3:20

"Our conversation." I am going to get straight to the point this morning by asking you a question-- what do you spend your time talking about? What does your usual conversation consist of? Is your conversation centered around worldly things or godly things? Is your conversation always negative? Are you always murmuring and complaining, belittling, criticizing and gossiping about someone else? Does your conversation encourage or discourage others? Do the things that others hear you say relay a message of defeat or victory to them? Do your words inspire those who hear them? Do they bring them hope? Is it easy or hard for others to tell that you are a follower of Jesus by the conversations they hear you engaged in?

We may not think that our conversation has much of an influence on others but it does. The things we say can either build up or destroy; bring life or death; bring hurt or healing. Perhaps you haven't been giving much thought to the things that you say, or to the things that others hear you say. Often, those who don't know Christ as Savior are turned off and don't want Him for two reasons- 1) they don't see Him in those who profess to be Christians- instead they see hypocrisy; 2) they don't hear the things coming from our mouths that would give them a reason to desire to know Him.

It's time that we start becoming more aware of what we are saying. Our speech should always be "seasoned with grace"- pleasant and wholesome. Kindness should always be in our mouths. Words of faith should be at the center of our conversations. Praise for the Lord should be continually in our mouths. Our words should always edify and never pull someone else down. They should be full of wisdom. They should never speak that which is evil. Our words should be truthful and not deceitful.

There is far too much to say about our words and conversations than I can write this morning, but the Bible puts great importance upon them. My primary focus was on how our conversations either help bring someone to Christ because they hear uplifting words that glorify Him, or they turn them away because they hear the opposite coming from someone who professes to know Him. If God uses preaching- that's our words- to spread His gospel, then by the same token, our words can also hinder the spreading of the gospel if they are not the right kind of words.

Have a great day. What is the topic of most of your conversations, and what kind of words are always coming out of your mouth?

For further reading:
Colossians 4:5
Proverbs 3126; 10:20; 18:21; 15:2
Romans 10:8
Psalms 34:13
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