Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"He Won't Put Up With It"

"And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" Luke 6:46

What do you think would happen if on your job you decided to set your own hours- you would come in and leave when you wanted to? What if you decided that you wouldn't go to work at all this week- just because you didn't feel like it? What if when you got to work you only did the job that you wanted to do? What do you think your employer would say about that? Do you think he would continue to allow you to work there? If you were an employer with an employee like that, would you allow him to remain or would you fire him?

What if when you got married you told your husband- I will wear your ring and take on your name, but I will continue to see my old boy friends. I will be at home during the week but on the weekends I am going out with the girls. Suppose you told your husband that you were not going to cook his meals or wash his clothes- except when you felt like it. Wives, suppose your husband told you that he was not going to work and make a living, you would have to take care of everything that needed doing, and he would not be home but one night a week because he plans on spending the other nights with his buddies or seeing a girl friend. If that was you, how would you feel? What would you do about it? Would you put up with that type of "relationship"?

In both examples neither would put up with it. Your employer would fire you. Your spouse would never agree to such an arrangement. So, let me ask you a question-- why do we think that Jesus will put up with it? Why do we say we are saved and not act like it? Why do we continue to do the things we want to do and think that it is all right with Him? Why is it that we think He will overlook the fact that we never go to His house, we never read His word, we never talk to Him (except when we are in trouble) and think that He'll "understand". We don't get by with it in our earthly relationships with other people, yet, we think we will get by with it where Jesus is concerned.

An employer wants an employee that he can count on, that is faithful to his position and that will actually work for his pay check. A husband/wife wants their spouse to love them, spend time with them, choose them above others and be there with and for them. What do you think Jesus wants? He wants someone to love Him- not with "lip service" but with lifestyle. He wants someone who desires to be with Him, who will follow Him and will listen to His voice. We give that respect to others, why is He any different?

Your employer would not put up with your lack of commitment. Your spouse would not put up with your lack of love and respect. And contrary to popular opinion, Jesus won't put up with your taking Him for granted. One day He will tell you, "Depart, I never knew you."

Have a great day. If our boss and spouse won't put up with our lack of commitment, why do we think Jesus will put up with it?

For further reading:
Matthew 7:21,23; 16:24; 22:37

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