Wednesday, June 10, 2009


"That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love." Ephesians 3:17

Almost twenty-five years ago when we moved into our home, I planted a rose bush that had come from my great grandmother's house. It grew, and grew well. I was always having to trim it back. I several years later I decided to get rid of it- or at least move it somewhere else. I cut it down, but it grew back. I cut it down again, it grew back again. I tried to dig it up, but the roots were too big that I couldn't- so it grew back. I even tried to chop it up, but it was still there. After several attempts, I thought I had finally succeeded. I didn't see any more signs of it for three or four years. About three years ago we decided to put a patio in the same area where the rose bush had been. When the men who were going to do the job began to excavate the spot, guess what we found? That rose bush. It was still there, it was not dead, it even had new sprouts buried under ground.

How "rooted" are you? How "well rooted" are you? Are your roots in Christ deep or shallow? Can you be easily uprooted? Can tribulations "chop" on your life and destroy you? Can problems dig you up? When your faith is tested, does it stand the test? When life gives you a hard time, does it "pull you up- roots and all"?

Our roots in Christ need to go very deep. If that rose bush had had a shallow root system I could have pulled it up at my first or second attempt. Our roots need to be wrapped tightly around God's word so that even when trying times test us we don't lose our hold. We know that the Lord Jesus told us we would have tribulation in this world. We know that things aren't going to get better only worse before the return of the Lord. We know that there are difficulties now on every hand. Therefore, we MUST make sure, very sure that our roots are deep and secure in Christ. Like the song says, "Be very sure, your anchor hold and grips the solid rock". A plant's anchor is it's root system. Christ and His Word is our root system, and our anchor.

Have a great day. How well rooted are you?

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