Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Famous One"

"And the fame of him went out into every place of the country round about." Luke 4:37

I woke up again with another song on my heart- so what's new, right? The verse that keeps going over and over in my mind says, "You are the Lord, the famous One, famous One. Great is Your name in all the earth." I have a dear young friend that God has called to reach his generation for Christ and we are always talking about this very thing. When God opens a door it's so that we can make Him famous.. not ourselves.

If God has called you to a position of ministry, it's not about making a name for yourself. It's about making Him famous. We must always remember that everything we do is to lift Him up. It's to bring Him glory. It's to make Him known to the world. Even if you have not been called into the five-fold ministry, you have still been commissioned to carry the gospel to those you meet whether it's at your school, on your job, in your family, at the grocery store, etc. And this commission you have is to make Him famous-- to make sure they know about Him.

The emphasis is never to be on self. It is always to be on God. Every open door is an opportunity to make His name known. The gospel is about Jesus- about His love for mankind, His death, burial and resurrection.

So this morning, let me ask you, "Who are you lifting up?" Who are you trying to make famous? Are you trying to make a name for yourself? Or are you trying to make Him famous and His name known wherever you are?

Have a great day. You are the Lord.. the famous one... the one with a name that is above every other name.

"Famous One"

You are the Lord
The famous one, famous one
Great is Your name in all the earth.
The heavens declare
You're glorious, glorious
Great is Your fame beyond the earth.
For all You've done and yet to do
With every breath I'm praising You
Desire of the nations and every heart.
You alone are God
You alone are God
The morning star is shining through
And every eye is watching
YouRevealed by nature and miracles.
You are beautiful
You are beautiful

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