Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Going In Circles"

"We lie down in our shame, and our confusion covereth us: for we have sinned against the LORD our God, we and our fathers, from our youth even unto this day, and have not obeyed the voice of the LORD our God." Jeremiah 3:25

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting here at my desk and noticed a lizard on the window. He caught my attention because he was going around and around in circles. He would make a couple of loops in one direction, then he would stop and turn and go in the other direction. Going around, and around, and around, and around in circles.

Do you feel like that- like you are spending your life just going around in circles? You are always finding yourself back at "square one" or at the same starting point? The Israelites found themselves going in circles during their stay in the wilderness. They spent forty years going around and around the same mountain.

What causes this? Often, as was their case, it's our disobedience. Disobedience will prevent you from going forward. Disobedience is sin and sin will bring confusion to your heart and mind. Disobedience will stop you from walking on a straight and clear path. Of course, this is not the only reason. Not acknowledging God in all our ways and just going out on our own to do what we want instead of seeking God about what He wants is another reason. Also the enemy will attack us to try to keep us from going in the direction God would have us to go so that we can't see clearly the straight path.

If your reason is disobedience, then you need to stop right now and fall on your face in repentance before the Lord. And then choose to obey what He has told you. He will give you grace, strength and provision as you do. And He will lay out a straight course before you.

Have a great day. Disobedience will keep you going around in circles.

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