Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"Singing In The Night"

"But none saith, Where is God my maker, who giveth songs in the night."  Job 35:10

We all face "night" times- times of darkness, confusion and uncertainty.  The "night" are times of great trials and testing.  Night time is a time of weeping. (Weeping endures for the night.)  Night is a time of grief and pain.  It is a time when you can't see any light or any good thing that can come from the situation you are in.  It is a time when hope is shrouded in darkness. 

When you are in a "night" time, what song do you sing?  We all sing a song in the night.  The song we sing may be one of gloom, despair and agony.  It may be one of self-pity.  It may be a song of complaining, criticism, murmuring, distrust, unbelief, questioning, fear, accusation and so on.  Or it may be a song of praise, hope, trust, peace and faith.  It may be a song proclaiming confidence in the faithfulness of God.  It may be a song of surrender to God's divine will and plan.  It may profess that it is well with your soul.  It may be a song of victory amidst trouble. 

Which song do you sing when night comes?  Which song should you sing when night comes?  Should your song be negative and written through the emotions of the flesh?  Or should it be one of praise and written out of faith in the fact that your loving Heavenly Father is with you working all things together for your good?  When it is night/dark, we are unable to walk by sight-- we can't see.  Therefore, we have to walk by faith-- faith that God sees and has it all under control.  So the song we sing should be one of faith and praise written by our trust in the faithfulness of God.

Have a great day.  What song do you sing in the night?        

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