Friday, January 6, 2017

"Focus On The Lord"

"Looking unto Jesus ...."  Hebrews 12:2a

None of us are exempt from trials, tribulations, testing, problems and afflictions.  But when facing them, where are you looking?  What are you focused on?  Are you focused on the problem or the promise?  Are you focused on the fire in the furnace or the One who quenches the fire?  Are you focused on the storm or the One who walks on water and speaks peace to the storm?  Are you focused on the roaring lions or the One who shuts their mouths?  Are you focused on the valley or the Shepherd of the valley?  Are you focused on the dry place or the One who is Living Water?  Are you focused on the mountain or the One who uses mountains as His footstool?

When problems come, and they do, you can't spend all your time and energy focusing on them.  They will only get bigger and bigger.  I am not saying that the problem isn't real, and I am not saying to ignore it or pretend that it doesn't exist, but the more attention you give to it-- the more of your heart, emotions and thoughts you give to it-- the more ominous, the more fearful, the more enormous, the more overwhelming, the more impossible it will seem.  It is like adding fuel to a fire-- it only makes it grow.  

The more the Israelite army looked at Goliath, the bigger he became in their eyes.  The more powerful they thought he was.  The more intimidated and fearful they became, the more hopeless it appeared, the more helpless they felt.  But he wasn't so big.  He was brought down with a sling shot and rock!  Why?  The army looked at the giant; David looked at the Lord-- the One who was bigger than the giant. 

Yes, the problem is there but don't stay focused on it.  Keep your focus in the right place.  Focus on the Lord-- who He is and what He has provided for you to make it through your storm, your trial, your problem and your giant. 

Have a great day.  Focus on the promise, not the problem.  Focus on the Lord, not the situation. 

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