Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Know It All"

"A fool despiseth his father's instruction: but he that regardeth reproof is prudent".  Proverbs 15:5

Have you ever been around people who "knew it all"?  You couldn't tell them anything because they already knew it.  It didn't matter what subject you were talking about, they already knew the answers and they had already "done it".  The Bible talks a lot about these people-- it calls them fools. 

No one person knows everything about everything.  There is only One who truly knows everything-- God.  We each know in part.  There is something that I may know that you don't know.  And vice verse, there may be something you know that I don't.  I don't know how to play the piano.  Therefore, it would be foolish of me to say I can teach someone else how to play it.  But there are many people who can play it and they then are able to teach it. 

Because we don't know everything, God has placed people in our lives to help us in the areas we lack knowledge.  He has placed teachers in our lives to educate us.  He has given us pastors to instruct us in the Word of God.  He has given us financial counselors to help us in financial matters, and use our monies wisely.  He has given us parents to help instruct us in matters of life.  He has given us friends to impart some understanding to us-- provided they are not ungodly friends. 

The point is that we can't and don't know everything-- even if we think we do.  Therefore, we need to be teachable and open to instruction and insight from others.  We especially need to be able to receive instruction and guidance from the Lord and His Word.  God's Word will make the simple-- those who lack knowledge and understanding-- wise.  The disciples were taught by Jesus and the Holy Spirit and when they preached the Word, people were astonished because they knew these men were uneducated fishermen.  The Word of God will make even those who have no understanding wise. 

Seek out wisdom and understanding from God's Word.  Listen to the counsel of those who have knowledge in areas that you don't.  Heed the instructions of those who are wiser in matters that you aren't wise in.  And always be teachable.  Don't be a "know it all".  That is pride and pride will bring you down and expose your ignorance.

Have a great day.  You don't know it all.  Therefore, listen to the Lord who does and the people He has placed in your life to give you counsel. 

Scriptural reference: Psalm 19:7; Acts 4:13

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