Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"A Way"

"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life...".  John 14:6a

In a dream that I had last night-- which I won't elaborate on-- I was looking for a way to get from "point A" to "point B".  As I pondered the dream after I woke up, I realized that we spend most of our lives looking for "a way".  We are always looking for a way around certain situations; a way to make ends meet; a way to solve our problems; a way to get out of debt; a way to fulfill our dreams; a way to achieve our goals; a way to better ourselves; a way to get more money; a way to be delivered from some bondage; a way to save ourselves and so on. 

We spend so much time and energy looking for "a way", but often to no avail.  As long as we are trying to find "a way" on our own, we will keep going around in circles and never find it.  There is only "one way" to find "a way" and "that way" is found in "The Way"-- Jesus. 

He has a way for you to be saved.  He has a way for you to be strengthened when you are weak; healed when you are sick; delivered when you are bound; encouraged when you are down.  He has a way of life that will give you hope and a future; a way that will give you abundant life; a way that will give you eternal life; a way that will give you victory, joy. peace, wisdom, grace and prosperity, 

He makes a way where there seems to be no way.  He has a way mapped out for you.  He has a way for you to fulfill your purpose for living.  And He has a perfect way.  How do we find this way?  We find it first by surrendering our lives to Him.  We receive Him as Savior (when we do that, we find the right way) and follow Him as Lord (when we do that, we will stay on the right way).  In doing so we won't have to look for our own way.  He will be leading the way.

Have a great day.  Are you spending your life looking for "a way"?  Follow Jesus, who is The Way, and you will not have to look any further. 

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