Thursday, September 29, 2016

"A Time To Die"

" A time to be born, and a time to die..."  Ecclesiastes 3:2

In his list of the things that make up life the writer starts with the very basic truth and events of every life-- there is a time to be born and a time to die.  We each have an appointed time within history in which God determines our birth.  Once we are born, death becomes inevitable.  We are born to die.  From the moment we take our first breath, death begins to lay claim to us.  Death will come to all of us.  It is a given.  None of us escape it.  There is a time when we will die.

I am writing on this subject this morning from a surreal place over the passing of one of my best friends yesterday.  She came to her appointed time to meet death suddenly in an accident without prior warning. 

I am still in shock and can hardly believe this has happened.  While I am trying to sort it all out and am in sadness and grief, she is not.  She is rejoicing in the presence of her Savior and Lord.  She had made her peace with the Father through Jesus His Son a number of years ago.  She loved Him and faithfully followed Him.  She surrendered her life wholehearted to Him.  Therefore, she  is in His glorious presence now and for all eternity.  She didn't know when her "time to die" would come, but she made preparation for it ahead of time-- while she still had time to do so.

I have to bring this up this morning, because you and I still have an appointment with death-- we just don't have the luxury of knowing when the appointment time is.  It may come while we are young or when we become old.  It may happen in the day or at night.  It might come while we are on a bed of affliction, suddenly in an accident, while we are asleep or through some tragedy.  We don't know how it will come or when it will come--- but it will come.

Are you ready when the time to die comes to you?  Have you made peace with the Lord?  Have you made sure it is well with your soul?  Do you know that when you draw your last breath that you will be present with the Lord?  Or are you unsure?  Do you think you can wait and put it off because you have plenty of time?  My friend was on her way to church and fully expected to return home afterwards, but it didn't work out like that.  Instead she went to her eternal heavenly home.  You cannot put it off.  You can't wait.  You must be sure and make sure that your soul is safe and secure.  You have to do it today.  Because tomorrow may be too late.

Have a great day.  There is a time to die.  Are you ready when your time comes?  Will it be well with your soul?  

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