Monday, June 27, 2016

"Where Are You Going?"

"Then said Jesus unto the twelve, Will ye also go away?"  John 6:67

Where are you going?  Have you ever been asked that question?  Have you ever pondered the question yourself?  We are all going some where.  We are all heading in a direction, although it isn't always clear even to us what that direction is.

Well, let me ask you another question.  Is where you are going leading you closer to the Lord or further away?  The prodigal son was going somewhere.  He was going to follow his dream.  He was going to "live it up".  He was going to enjoy life.  He was going to get as far away from his father, the rules and the responsibilities as he could.  He was going somewhere all right, but where he wound up was not where he had planned or hoped to be.
Jesus told the story of a certain man who made a great supper and sent his servants to invite the people to come.  But the people were too busy "going somewhere".  One had bought some land and had to go see it.  Another had bought some oxen and needed to go test them.  A third person had gotten married and needed to go on his "honeymoon".  They all were going somewhere, but not to the supper.

There are many places that we can go.  We can spend our lives going for the "gusto".  We can go after fame and popularity.  We can go to seek our fortune.  We can go down the path of entertainment.  We can go down our own paths, fulfilling our own agendas, looking for the things that satisfy and bring us pleasure.  Not all directions you choose to go in, and not all places you are heading to are bad but... again, are they leading you closer or further away from the Lord.  If they are leading you closer, then continue on.  If they are leading you further away, then maybe it is time to change your direction and set a new course.

Have a great day.  Where are you going?  Where will it lead you?  Closer to the Lord or further away?

Scripture reference:
Luke 14:16-20
Luke 15:11-32

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