Monday, June 6, 2016

"Led By Pride"

"And he said unto him, If thy presence go not with me, carry us not up hence".  Exodus 33:15

I woke up with another song on my heart this morning.  The chorus says, "I can't even walk without You holding my hand.  The mountain's too high and the valley's too wide".  I can't even walk without the Lord's help.  But how often do we act like little children who insist that they "can do it"?   They don't want the help, or need the help, because they can do it by themselves when in reality, they can't.

The reality of life is that we can't do it by ourselves either.  We can't do it on our own.  We can't do life without the Lord.  We can't save ourselves.  We can't supply our own oxygen.  We can't put blood in our veins.  We can't direct our own steps.  We don't know what is best for us.  We don't have strength, wisdom or peace without and apart from the Lord.  That is why the Bible says-- "In Him we live and move and have our being".

To think we can make it on our own apart from the Lord is pride.  Have you ever wondered why your attempts at something failed?  Perhaps it was because you thought you could do it on your own.  Perhaps you thought that it was something you could handle by yourself and didn't need to ask God for help or direction.  This happened to the Israelites at Ai.  They didn't consult the Lord about what they should do because they had just defeated in battle the large walled city of Jericho, and Ai was a small town.  When they attacked Ai, they were beaten and had to run for their lives.  Their pride lead them-- not the Lord.  Therefore, they were defeated.  Pride goes before  destruction.  If you are trying to handle things in your own strength and understanding; if you don't think you need the Lord's help; if you are being defeated; perhaps it is pride that is bringing you down.  Pride of thinking you can do it without Him.  Start humbling yourself and acknowledge the Lord in all your ways because you can't even walk without Him holding your hand.

Have a great day.  Are your trying to do it on your own?  Do you think you can do it without the Lord?  That is pride.  You can't.  If you let pride lead you it will bring you down. 

Scripture references:
Acts 17:28
Proverbs 16:18
Jeremiah 10:23
Joshua 7,8

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