Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"Real Faith"

"And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise".  Hebrews 11:39

Faith is not just believing God for some answer to prayer.  It isn't just holding on to a word pertaining to some thing that you are desiring or He has promised.  There is another side to faith.  Faith is serving God even when He doesn't deliver you from your circumstance.

Daniel may have been delivered from the lion's den, but we often forget he was still a captive in Babylon.  He wasn't delivered from Babylon and restored to his own country, but he still served the Lord faithfully.  Joseph was delivered from the pit and the prison but not Egypt, yet he continued to serve the Lord where he was.  Paul wasn't delivered from prison, but he still served the Lord by witnessing to the guards who were stationed to watch him.  And he wrote most of the New Testament while in prison-- he continued to serve the Lord. 

Real faith is revealed when the Lord doesn't do what we want Him to do yet we refuse to give up, turn back, turn around, leave, throw in the towel or turn from following Him.  Real faith continues to serve the Lord even when He doesn't give us the deliverance we have prayed for.  Or when nothing changes but everything stays the same. 

Daniel died in Babylon.  Joseph died in Egypt.  Paul was taken from prison only to be put to death.  Yet, these men had great faith.  Why?  Because they kept their trust and relationship with the Lord even when He didn't do what they would have rather Him do.  Do you have real faith?  Will you continue to serve the Lord even if He doesn't deliver you or set you free?  Even if you still have to go through your trial?  Even if you stand in the midst of tribulation?  Even if He leaves you where you are?  That is real faith.

Have a great day.  Real faith continues to serve the Lord even when He doesn't answer or deliver you in the way you want Him to. 

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