Monday, June 13, 2016

"A Victim"

"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour".  1 Peter 5:8

We have an adversary-- one who is out to steal, kill and destroy us.  Often we are confused about who the real enemy is.  We think it is some person.  We think it is an individual who is out to get us, who wants to do us harm, who hates us, and so on.  But the real enemy is not flesh and blood.  The real enemy may use flesh and blood, he may use a person, even one who is close to you, but they are only a vessel that is being used. 

The Bible makes it very plain, and clear, that our adversary is the devil-- "your adversary the devil".  He was the enemy of mankind from the very beginning.  He was the one who tempted and deceived Eve in the garden.  He hated mankind.  He was jealous of what God had given to mankind.  He was out to get back at God so he went after God's heart-- mankind.  He used a serpent back then.  He hasn't changed.  What he was at the beginning, he still is today-- the enemy of mankind who is out to "get us".   

He is still seeking to destroy us today.  He still goes around-- disguised as flesh and blood-- seeking who he may devour.  He looks for those he can cause to be offended.  He seeks those he can deceive.  He looks for those he can persuade to do his "dirty work".  He looks for those who will believe his lies and follow though with his plans.

Since the devil is on the prowl be sure that you don't wind up his victim.  There is more than one way to be his victim-- a victim who is destroyed by him.  You can be his victim by allowing him to use you as a vessel/instrument to do his dirty work.  You can be his victim by believing that some person is your enemy when it is really him that you are wrestling against.

Have a great day.  We have a real enemy who is out to destroy us.  Don't become his victim. 

Scripture references:
John 8:44,10:10
Ephesians 6:11,12
Genesis 3:1-7

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