Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"The Big Picture"

"But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you." 1 Peter 5:10
It is human nature to be impatient and not want to have to wait. We want instant gratification, a "quick fix", a microwave existence, and all our problems solved yesterday. When Joseph was thrown into the pit by his brothers, he wanted out. He didn't want to have to wait in the pit for any length of time. Neither did he want to stay in Potiphar's house or the prison. He wanted out quickly. 
The point I am trying to make is that we don't want to have to go through certain "places" much less stay in them for any length of time. The children of Israel did not want to go in captivity, and they certainly didn't want to stay there for seventy years. The false prophets were telling them not to even unpack their bags, they would not be there that long. Jeremiah told them to unpack, raise their crops, and "get comfortable" because they were going to be there for a while. 
You and I don't want to go through places of suffering, trials, problems or adversity, and we certainly don't want to "unpack" our bags and stay there. We want out before we even go in, or come out quickly if we do go in. While there are times we want instant "deliverance" God is saying "no". He is saying that you have to walk through it. Not because He doesn't care. Not because He is unaware of what is going on. Not because He doesn't know how you feel. But because He sees the "big picture" of your life. Jesus prayed that if it was possible to let the cup pass from Him. The Heavenly Father did not let it pass from Him, because He saw the "big picture". He saw the salvation of all mankind provided for. 
We don't want to go through anything, and we certainly don't want to have to stay there. We want instant deliverance. But there are places we have to walk through and will walk through them unto they have accomplished their purpose in our lives because God has something in mind for our life. While you don't always understand and want out, God has a plan for your life. He sees the big picture and is working in your life to accomplish it. The big picture for Joseph was the palace. Therefore, he had to stay in the pit for a time. He had to stay in Potiphar's house for a while. He had to stay in the prison until what needed to happen was finished so he could step into the big picture plan for his life. It is the same for us.
Have a great day. You may want instant deliverance from where you are, but God sees the big picture of your life and is working to accomplish it through where you are now.
For further reading:
Jeremiah 29:11
Romans 8:28
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