Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Speaking And Listening To Fables"

"Hast thou an arm like God? or canst thou thunder with a voice like him?" Job 40:9
The other afternoon my six year old granddaughter was here at my house. She and I went outside to put her bicycle up before it rained. It was thundering and she asked me, "What is it about God and thunder?" I told her that some people say when it thunders that it is God "moving His furniture around". But the Bible says that God speaks through the thunder. She told me, "I will go with God"-- meaning that she would go with what God says instead of what people say about it. I told her, "Me too".
As a grandmother I was thrilled to hear her say that. As Christians we should always "go with what God says". But sadly, we are living in a time that the Bible said would happen. People would have itching ears, hearing only what they wanted to hear. They would give heed to fables, commandments of men, teachings of traditions, worldly philosophies and turn away from the truth.
We need to be people who speak the truth of God's word. I could have told my granddaughter the same thing others say about the thunder-- God moving His furniture around. After all, she is only six. That would have sounded more like what a six year old would like to hear. But the problem with that is... it is not the truth. We not only need to hear and heed the truth and reject anything and everything that is contrary to God's word-- which is Truth. But we also need to speak the Word of Truth-- and only the Truth-- when we have the opportunity. Telling my granddaughter the truth that God speaks through the thunder helps root her and ground her in the truth, instead of giving her a false belief in some man's fable. It reveals the nature and character of this Mighty God who is so powerful that even His voice often sounds like thunder. It helps her spiritually to get a bigger picture of who God is. Telling her that it is God moving His furniture around is just a lie and will bring more damage to her soul. But we excuse such because we think it is something "cute" to tell the children. Tell them the truth! Speak the truth. Be people of the truth-- even if it isn't cute or popular. 
If we listen to fables and those things that tickle our ears, then we will bring damage to our souls. We will be confused, we will believe a lie, we will follow the wrong direction and wind up on a broad wide way that leads to destruction thinking it is the path of truth. It is only the truth that will make us free-- Thy Word is Truth, not the fables of man. Only the truth will empower us, build us up and encourage us. God's Word is the only truth... everything that is contrary is false and a lie.
Have a great day. Be a person who listens to the truth of God's word and speaks the truth of His Word-- not fables or enticing words of men. 
For further reading:
Titus 1:14
2 Timothy 4:3,4 
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