Friday, May 2, 2014

"Supplying It All"

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19
We all have needs. Sometimes those needs are spiritual in nature-- salvation, the empowerment of Holy Spirit, wisdom, grace, mercy, etc. Sometimes they are physical-- healing in our bodies, strength for a task. Sometimes the need is emotional-- peace of mind, comfort in sorrow, healing of a broken heart. Sometimes they are material-- food, clothing, shelter. Sometimes the need is in the area of relationships-- restoration of a broken relationship, grace in dealing with other people, love for someone. Sometimes the need is financial-- a bill that needs paying, a job to make a living. Then sometimes a need is in a category all of its own. Needs vary and they come in all forms. But whatever the need, God gives us a promise that He will supply it.
When God said He would supply all your need, He didn't say He would supply only the spiritual ones or the physical ones. He said He would supply all of them regardless of how they are classified by us. When He said He would supply all your need, He said all. He didn't say He would supply part of it, some of it, half of it, a portion of it, He said ALL of it. He is not a "Half way God". He supplies it all. He has never done anything half way. He didn't create just a portion of the world at the beginning. He created it all until it was finished and there was nothing left to create. He didn't provide for part of your salvation, He provided it all. Jesus didn't stop short of the plan of redemption. He drank every last dreg of the bitter cup He was given. He hung on the cross until the last enemy of our soul was defeated and the full price of our redemption was paid. He stayed there suffering until it was finished-- completely finished. There wasn't anything left to do.
My God shall supply all your need. Man may only be able to help you to a point. He may help a little. He may begin his help and then either stop or fall short. But God will not stop half way in supplying your need. He will supply all of it. He will supply it until He has finished it. He will move on your behalf until it is all taken care of. Look to Him to supply it and trust Him to supply it-- all of it.
Have a great day. God will supply your need, whatever it is, and He won't stop short of fulfilling it all.
For further reading:
John 19:30
Genesis 2:2,3
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