Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"His Footprints"

"Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness." Psalm 65:11
The word paths means: track or rut. A track is an indication of where something or someone has been. A rut is caused by the repeated action of travel along the same path. The word fatness speaks of fertility, and of blessings. So the picture that is painted for us from this verse is one of the Lord walking ahead of us day after day, moment after moment, and leaving an abundant size blessing behind Him. 
My husband loves to hunt. One important element of hunting is looking for tracks. Tracks lets him know if there is a deer or turkey, or some other kind of animal in the woods. When he sees a footprint/track, it is evidence that the animal is in the woods or has been there.
According to the verse above, wherever the Lord walks He leaves a "footprint" (track) as well. What does His track look like? "Fatness". It looks like abundant blessings. The verse also says He "drops" them. This means that wherever He goes He drops blessings down, they drip from Him. The blessings of the Lord automatically flow from Him, but He also deliberately leaves them behind. He is leaving blessings, "fat" ones, abundant ones, behind Himself for us to "pick up" and enjoy. But there is only one way to receive those blessings-- follow Him. 
You don't get these blessings outside of following Him-- He leaves them behind Him everywhere He goes. These blessings are grace, goodness, mercy, peace, hope, comfort, joy, peace, provision, etc. 
As you follow Him, not only are you receiving the blessings that He leaves behind, but just like the tracks my husband follows in the woods leads him to the deer, following the "tracks/footprints/path" of Jesus will lead you directly to Him-- the greatest, most abundant blessing there is!
Have a great day. The Lord is leaving His footprint everywhere He goes-- abundant blessings. As you follow His footprints you will receive those blessings and eventually they will also lead you to His presence-- the greatest blessing of all. 
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