Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"God Is Good"

"Thou art good, and doest good; teach me thy statutes." Psalm 119:68
God is accused of many things, but He can never be accused of not being good. He is a good God who does good things. Everything He created in the beginning was good. After each day of creation He looked at what He had created and said it was "good". There was nothing but the goodness of God in the earth until man sinned and opened the door to evil. Even though the good things that God created were tainted by evil at the fall, it did not taint who God was, He still remained to be good and do good. 
God's goodness didn't stop just because man sinned. On the contrary, our need now for a way out of what we got ourselves into- sin and death- prompted God's goodness to action. That action was Him sending of His own Son Jesus into the world to bear the sins of mankind. Do you want to see what a picture of God's goodness looks like? Look at the cross. 
Even now your need today prompts God's goodness to action on your behalf. If you are suffering, His goodness will show up and give you the comfort and strength that you need. If you are in some sort of physical, material lack His goodness will meet that need. 
Why would He be so good to us even though we fail, even when we mess up, even though we don't always do what we should? It is because of who He is-- a good God. Not only is He good and does good to us, but He has also released His goodness to follow us all the days of our lives. So take heart this morning. You may be walking through a valley but His goodness is following you. You may be going through a storm but His goodness is following you. You may be facing pain but His goodness is there still following you. You may be going through a fiery trial, a time of temptation or persecution by your enemies but His goodness is following you. When His goodness is following you, it means that He is following you because you cannot separate God from His goodness.
Have a great day. God is good and He does good and His goodness follows you. 
For further reading:
Psalm 23:6; 27:13; 33:5; 73:1
James 1:17
Genesis 1:4
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