Monday, October 15, 2012

"Do It For Yourself"

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13
It has been said, "The Lord helps those who help themselves", and "God will not do for you what you can do for yourself". The truth is- we cannot help ourselves and anything that we "can do" is only because God has so graciously enabled us to do so. Jesus said that "without Me you can do nothing". He even confessed that "without the Father I can do nothing". The Bible has made it plain that it is in Him that we "live, move and having our being". Apart from God we wouldn't even exist. "It is He that has made us and not we ourselves". Had He not created us in a certain way we would not be able to do anything-- speak, walk, act, learn, think, etc. 
Having said that, let me now say that even though we can literally do nothing apart from God, He has so graciously placed within us the abilities to "do for ourselves". Since He has it is in those areas that we "help ourselves". For example, the Bible tells us to "study to show ourselves approved"- we do the "studying". It tells us to "stir up the gift that is within us"- we do the "stirring". And so on. We are waiting for God to "come down" and do the things for us that He has already enabled us to do. It isn't going to happen. He isn't going to come and place the Bible in your hand and start reading it to you. He isn't going to grab you by the neck and pull you out of bed, dress you and drive you to church. These are all abilities He has given you to do for yourself and He expects you to do them. 
The point is that without God imparting abilities within us there would be nothing that we could ever do for ourselves. But since He has we are to do them and not sit around waiting on Him to do them. There are things that He will do for us because we truly cannot. But He has already done everything else for us when He placed the ability within us to do them. So stop waiting for Him and start doing them yourself.
Have a great day. Stop waiting for God to do the things He has given you the ability to do. 
For further reading:
John 15:5; 5:19; 8:28
Genesis 1:1, 26
Acts 17:28
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"Stop waiting for God to do the things He has given you the ability to do."