Monday, August 7, 2017

"Who You Are"

"But ye are ..."  1 Peter 2:9a

I wear many "hats" and "roles" in life.  I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, an aunt, a daughter, a friend, a business woman, etc.  Spiritually I have many roles as well.  I am a Christian, a minister, light, salt, an ambassador for Christ, a prayer warrior, a worshipper, a teacher, a witness, an encourager, etc.

My roles in the natural are not "compartmentalized" I am all those things.  It is who I am as well as what I do.  There is no separation, although there are times when one is more predominant than another.  This is true of my spirit life also.  Each one rises to the occasion when it is most needed. 

For some reason we think we are only one role instead of all.  We are not.  We are whatever is needed at the time-- naturally and spiritually.  This is seen more in our spiritual lives.  When a need arises in a particular area, we think we can't do it-- it is not our gift or calling.  Many Christians don't share their faith because they say-- I am not a preacher, or a minister.  Many won't pray for someone who has a need for the same reason.  They will call someone who they know is a "prayer warrior" and get them to pray. 

Let me encourage you this morning in this--- if you find yourself in the situation, then God put you there.  And whether you need to be a prayer warrior, a witness, an encourager, a teacher, or anything else, He has not only equipped you to do what is needed, but He has made you into what is needed.  You are that which is needed for the moment.  You are that to meet the need.  So stop putting it off on someone else because you "can't" do it.  It isn't a matter of "doing".  It is a matter of "being".  And He has made you into what you need to be to meet the need. It is Him in you that does it anyway. 

Have a great day.  It is who you are, therefore, you can do it.     

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