Friday, August 4, 2017

"Unworthy Praise"

"Whoso offereth praise glorifieth me: and to him that ordereth his conversation aright will I shew the salvation of God."  Psalm 50:23

Don't withhold your praise from the Lord!  Too often we will withhold it when we have messed up, made a mistake or sinned.  We allow our shortcomings, our faults, our failures to cause us to withhold our praise.  We allow guilt and condemnation from the enemy and self to cause us to hold back our praise.  We allow our emotions and our feelings to cause us to withhold praise. 

Praise is not about us.  It is about the Lord.  We should never withhold it.  When we are feeling all the things that I have listed above, that is not the time to withhold praise from Him.  It is a time to praise Him even more. 

We should praise Him even in our mistakes, faults, sins and failures.  If for no other reason than because He is worthy of the praise.  You may say, "but the praise isn't coming from my heart, just my mouth".  That's all right.  That is why the Bible also calls it a "sacrifice of praise"-- so don't withhold it.  If you make a step of faith to praise Him, your heart will soon catch up. 

Don't withhold your praise because God is worthy of it.  You may not feel you are worthy to give it, but give it anyway.  One day multitudes who are "unworthy" - actually they are on their way to hell and the devil is with them, but before they are cast out into the lake of fire, they will give the Lord one last praise and confess that He is Lord. 

Lastly, don't withhold your praise because it is a powerful weapon.  And though it is directed to the Lord, as you are praising Him and giving Him the glory-- in spite of your mistakes and unworthiness-- a change will begin to take place in you.  The guilt, condemnation, the chains of sin, will begin to fall off and repentance will come, your heart will be refreshed and your mind will be set at peace. 

Have a great day.  Don't withhold your praise from the Lord because you feel unworthy of being able to give it. 

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