Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"Free Or Bound?"

"If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."  John 8:36

There are so many Christians who boast of their freedom in Christ.  Yet, it is evident through their lives that they really aren'tI bring this up because I read some of the posts that people whom I know are Christians write on Facebook.  I am amazed at the criticism, bitterness, anger, fear, hate, disgust for others, complaining, revenge, gossip, rebellion and divisive words that they write.  They may profess freedom in Christ, they may think they are living in freedom, but they are not.    

When a person is walking, living and talking according to their emotions, their flesh, their past experiences, their feelings, injustices that have been done to them, their own wisdom, their preferences, their lust, wants and desires, instead of in the Word of God-- obeying its commands and precepts, walking, talking and living in them-- they are not free.  They are in bondage. 

When the Lord delivered the Israelites from Egypt, they may have been free on the outside, but they were still in bondage on the inside.  They were bound by murmuring, complaining, rebellion, fear, anger, etc.  They were free-- out from under Egypt's oppression-- but they were still bound. 

Yes, Jesus set us free, free indeed.  Jesus set us free from the power of sin (Egypt's oppression) over our lives, but the "free indeed" part is the transformation process that happens in every area of our lives.  It is when we start living like free people.   

How does this happen?  Freedom is supernatural grace and gift given to us by the Lord.  Once we receive it, enjoying true freedom doesn't continue through osmosis.  It happens through renewing our minds with God's Word-- not the daily news, other people's ideas, popular opinion, someone's commentary, other Facebook posts, some social group, or culture.  When we start living in and living out God's Word, we will enjoy our true freedom.

Have a great day.  You may boast of your freedom in Christ, but are you truly free?

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