Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Not So Sweet"

"Truly God is good..."  Psalm 73:1a
There is a children's prayer that has been memorized and quoted for years-- "Thank You for the world so sweet.  Thank You for the food we eat.  Thank You for the birds that sing.  Thank You, God for everything".  The truth is that the world is not "so sweet". 
It is filled with violence, pain, grief, suffering, lack, heartache, poverty, sickness, hunger, destruction and death.  The world is a place where people are taken advantage of; hurting people hurt other people; evil men wax worse and worse; hate and violence are rampant; there are wars and rumors of war; and it is a "dog eat dog" world most of the time. 
While the world is not always a "sweet place", one fact remains-- God is good.  The fact that the world is increasing in violence and evil does not negate the truth of the goodness of God.  God was good at the beginning-- and all He created was good (Genesis 1)-- and He will still be good at the end.  He will be good even when things aren't good.  He will remain good even when things don't remain the same and the condition of the world gets worse and worse.  To coin a phrase-- God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. 
So in a "topsy-turvy" world when things aren't good, you can look to and trust in the goodness of God to see you through.  You can anchor your hope in Him.  You can put your faith and confidence in Him.  No matter how "unsweet" the world becomes, He will always remain good.
Have a great day.  In this not so sweet world, God is still good.  
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