Monday, October 10, 2016

"Filled Already"

"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled".  Matthew 5:6

We sing songs in church asking the Lord to "fill us up".  We pray prayers asking the same.  But sometimes what is needed is not a filling, but an emptying. 

A glass, or any vessel, that is already full has no room to be filled with anything else.  Even one that is partially full only has the capacity to hold a little more.  Many times we are asking the Lord to fill us when we are already too full of other things and He is unable to fill us because there is no room.  We must first become empty of whatever else is occupying us in order for Him to fill us.

He does desire to fill us with Himself, His Spirit, His gifts, His blessings, His peace, His grace, His goodness, etc.  But if you are already filled with other things such as anger, hate, malice, bitterness, jealousy, pride, unforgiveness, greed, selfishness, lust, self-centeredness and just full of self in general, there is no room for Him to fill you with anything else.

The first prayer needs to be one of repentance.  Repent for the "wrong" that is filling your vessel/heart.  Ask Him to wash it away.  Ask Him to cleanse you from all unrighteousness.  Ask Him to create in you a clean heart.  Ask Him to purge out the "old leaven".  Ask Him to empty you of anything that is in you that is not of Him.  Once you are empty, then ask Him to fill you up with Him.  After the house has been "swept and cleaned" (so to speak), then get filled up.  Stay filled up with Him and don't allow there to be room for anything else but Him.   

Have a great day.  He fills what is empty, but purges, removes and delivers what is already full to make room for what He desires to fill us with. 

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