Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"Look Up"

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh".  Luke 21:28

Jesus had just told His disciples what signs and events would take place before He returned.  Among those were wars, rumors of war, earthquakes, fearful sights, betrayal, imprisonment, distress of nations,  they would be hated by all men for His sake and men's hearts failing for fear.  But He ended by saying to them-- "look up". 

Daily we face perplexing situations.  We go through trying times that bring fear and confusion.  We see things happening around us that we don't understand and that cause us to question and wonder.  But in these times Jesus still speaks the same words to us-- "look up".  In other words-- stay focused on Him.  Keep your eyes looking toward Him.  Don't get caught up in what is happening around you.  Don't stare at it too long in disbelief and amazement.  Don't look at what is fearful and confusing but for a moment-- "look up".

We must keep our eyes fixed/focused on Jesus.  These things are temporary; He is eternal.  These things will make us fearful; He will give us peace.  This things will defeat us; He gives us victory.  These things will pull us down; He will lift us up.  This things will steal, kill and destroy us; He will give us abundant life. 

Whatever you are facing today-- fear, questions, confusion, heartache, hardship, perplexity, don't keep staring at it.  Instead, look up.  That is where you will find your peace, strength and grace to keep walking and living even in a terrible/turbulent time.

Have a great day.  Fearful, confusing and hard things happen to us in life, but don't focus on them-- Look Up!

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