Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"The Boat"

"And when he was entered into a ship, his disciples followed him." Matthew 8:23
During Jesus' ministry there were times when He and the disciples would travel on foot from place to place. At other times they would need the aid of a boat to get to their destination. When they used a boat, they would only use it for the purpose of crossing the sea but would then dock it when they reached the shore. They would not use it again until the time came that they needed to re-cross the sea.
The thought occurred to me that many times we treat Jesus like He is a "boat". When we are facing storms, problems, difficulties or have a need, we will go to Him and "undock" Him by turning to Him for help. But once the situation is over, we "tie Him back up" and put Him to the side going about our own business and doing our own thing. We keep Him "on the side" until we have a "need" or "use" for Him.
He is not a "boat" to use only when sailing the deep waters of life. He is not a vessel to get into when we are facing a certain problem. We don't get in and out of Him, we don't tie Him up and come back to Him later when we have a specific need. He is our life vessel. We live in Him. We hide our lives in Him. We never depart from Him. He is our dwelling place. Not just some instrument that we use from time to time. Or some vehicle that makes life easier during troublesome times.
Are you treating Him like He is a boat? Do you only go to Him when you have a need? Do you only acknowledge Him when you need His help? He is just there to use in certain times? Do you keep Him "tied" up in waiting until you get ready to "use" Him again to solve your problem? He is not like a boat to be tied up awaiting further use at a later time. He should be active and a part of our lives everyday.
Have a great day. Do you treat the Lord like He is something that you only need from time to time for certain situations?
For further reading:
Acts 17:28
Colossians 3:3
Psalm 91:1
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